Based on extensive experience and alliances with various wealth management solution leaders, Strategia offers a range of services, as individual as you are.

Our Wealth Services cover a host of VVIP services that differentiate the CLASS from the MASS.

At Strategia Finance, you get the treat you deserve as we understand the needs and objectives of VVIP people like you
We have the safe and secured roadmap to move Gold from anywhere to anywhere

As high as 20% to 30% net return per year with different options as row Gold stock or in a capital protected fund.

The Gold fund is managed by professional traders who have a proven track record of adding more wealth to wealthy people.

Real Estate investment has been and will remain the base investment for most of the smart investor, especially in emerging markets like the United Arab Emirates.

Our team of real estate professionals have decades of experience of hunting the best real estate deals in the market, be it a residential unit or a high rise tower, it is never a better time to buy than now.

Never late to invest in Real Estate business, the ever booming business in the United Arab Emirates

Whether you’re looking for a location with easy access to global markets or, a dynamic hub to start your new venture, we always find the place for you.

Exactly like tailoring the perfect suit that fits you, we also identify the best jurisdiction for your new business, within the 60+ free zones inside the United Arab Emirates or outside, all based on your business goals.

Be it a company account or a personal account, it is always beneficial to have offshore accounts for so many obvious reasons.

We provide advise on the best country to open Offshore accounts, glob-wide. We complete all formalities on your behalf, until signing the account opening application and have the account opened for you.

Whether it is for a trade, bond, loan and instrument insurance or to support an acquisition, we provide an independent, trusted and fast turnaround escrow services.

We only deal with top-tier Escrow agents that deal with Governments and Large Institutions, and hence you conclude your business deal with total peace of mind.

Proper Due Diligence can protect your company from exposure to unethical or unwanted associations. Our Due Diligence agencies services allow our clients to remain compliant and avoid the risk of unwelcome associations with scammers, criminals and the organizations they hide behind. Our partners comply with all relevant international regulations and guidelines such as the Anti-Bribery Act and FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act).

Three decades in finance distilled into every strategy we craft for your growth!

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