Get a leverage over your commonly traded shares, irrespective of the Stock Market listing

1- High amount starting form AED 3.7M, no cap

2- Get up to 70% of the share market value

3- Flexible repayment periods from 5 to 10 years

4- Low fixed interest rate of 3.99% p.a.

5- Gain from your share price appreciation

6- Get 100% of the shares’ dividends & bonuses

7- Fast processing, finance in two weeks

8- Less documentation 9- Reputed lender with over 10 years of history

9- NO personal nor corporate guarantee 10- NO credit report and no impact on your credit report

10- NO proof of income (personal or company)

11- NO liability/risk in case the shares’ prices fall

12- NO change in shares ownership

13- NON-recourse finance in case of default

1- Passport copy of the shares’ owner

2- Passport copy of the Agent / Power of Attorney (POA) holder

3- Company Trade License / Registration, in case the shares are owned by the company

4- Copy of the POA, in case the Agent is the applicant 

5- Copy of shares certificate

6- Filled out and signed application form

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