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The banking sector stands as the leading sector within the worldwide financial landscape. The global banking sector’s total assets stand at an impressive 182.9 trillion U.S. dollars. Within the Middle Eastern region, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) emerges as the sector with the highest total assets, surpassing those of Saudi Arabia’s banking sector by over 813 billion U.S. dollars. The banking sector in the UAE is on its way to becoming a major global financial center, a significant accomplishment given that the first local currency for the UAE was introduced just 50 years ago, as per Statista.

In conclusion, once your business in UAE is operational, a corporate bank account is necessary for handling your financial transactions, paying fees, receiving and disbursing funds, sending and receiving money transfers, conducting trade, and managing routine operational tasks. This underscores the importance of having a business bank account in the UAE for conducting business in the UAE and engaging with international clients. To avoid any potential delays that could impact your business transactions, you can always call us to facilitate the opening of the best business bank account for you in the UAE, allowing you to focus on the core activities of your business.

1- Simple, flexible, reasonably priced and Sharia’a compliant account services

2- Choice of Commercial or Islamic Banks

3- No upfront payment

4- Two weeks or less from submission of documents to open the best company bank account

5- Personalized services from the convenience of your office or house

6- 24/7 Bank Office support for your fund transfers

1- Full set of company’s document (company reg., partners list, passport copies, Memorandum of Articles, Board Resolution, etc.)

2- Passport copies and Emirates ID of ALL partners

3- Company bank statement for the latest 6 months showing the IBAN from previous bank, from home country if new to UAE

4- Office lease agreement / Ejari

5- Tax Registration Number (TRN) along with the last four VAT declarations, waived for new companies

7- List of at least FIVE suppliers and FIVE clients

8- Office utility bills, if available

9- CV of the key person along with company profile and website

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