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The United Arab Emirates is witnessing a phenomenal surge in Real Estate demand, primarily in Dubai and mainly in the residential category in terms of number of units, the commercial remains the highest in terms of overall value.

in both categories, there is a major shift from cash transactions to mortgage which translates to more finance business to the banks and the financials institutions in the UAE. Now, although most of the banks have 80% of their product offering, pricing, benefits, etc., yet there are a lot of areas that are not clear to the client.

At Strategia, we know all the nick-and-corners of every bank’s offering – based on our three decades of banking experience, we always place the client at the center of everything we do to ensure that he gets the best finance deal in town. We just need to understand the client’s needs, objectives, budget in order to propose and present the best solution.


– High finance amount

– Commercial and Islamic finance

– High Finance amounts

– Low processing fee

– Decent down payment or NO down payment (depends on the property income)

– Reasonable finance (interest/profit) rates

– Fast processing

Documents Required:

1- Full set of company’s document (company reg., partners list, passport copies, Memorandum of Articles, Board Resolution, etc.)

2- Passport and Emirates ID copy of applicant

3- Signed Letter of Consent (LOC) to retrieve Al Ettihad credit report

4- Copy of Title Deed and Affection Plan of the property (if chosen)

5- Salary certificate, for employees

6- Detailed list of rental income along with a copy of Rent Contracts

7- Last six months personal and business bank statement

8- Tax Registration Number (TRN) along with the last four VAT declarations

9- Audited financials for the past two years and in-house financials for current year


1- The client submits the required documents to Strategia Finance (Financial Consultant)

2- Strategia carries out the full due diligence and documentation, then gets the initial approval from the financing bank

3- On obtaining the initial approval, Strategia presents an offer to the client along with the Financial Consultancy Agreement for the client’s signoff

4- On accepting the offer and signing the Agreement, the full case is submitted to the financing bank for final approval and execution

5- Then the financing bank contacts the client directly for identity verification, collect additional information, signing the bank’s forms, etc.

Three decades in finance distilled into every strategy we craft for your growth!

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